Founded in 1990, Performance Coatings Corporation supplies printers, converters and manufacturers with specialty coatings, inks and adhesive formulations to solve difficult challenges.

           PCC's staff has decades of experience working with customers to:
                      • Improve performance of existing formulations
                      • Reduce issues that they are experiencing with their processes
                      • Eliminate defects that cause costly product returns and customer erosion.

Chemistries include:    • Water based     • UV curable     • Solvent based systems

When manufacturers cannot find the chemistry they are looking for "off the shelf", PCC custom formulates the chemistry that provides innovative solutions that our customers need. PCC works with our customers to develop custom solutions to meet demanding applications.

           Examples of typical improvements are:
                      • Faster drying or curing to improve output
                      • Improved adhesion to difficult substrates
                      • Improved release where needed
                      • Improved holdout on porous substrates to improve color strength, gloss and/or adhesion.
                      • Chemical resistance
                      • Improved reception
                      • Controlled gloss

In addition to our specialty formulations, PCC also offers “off the shelf” products when our customers are just looking for an alternative supplier to more common products where their existing vendor has come up short.