Foil, Paper & Board Primers

FPV-9323 is a UV curable primer formulated for Offset/Lithographic printing and has excellent adhesion to foil board as well as unprimed paper board. In addition to adhesion, FPV-9323 provides a smooth, print receptive surface for subsequent inks and coatings and outstanding clarity for holographic foils in particular.

LPV-9281 is a UV curable primer for lithographic printing that offers exceptional clarity over holographic board stocks as well as fiber tearing adhesion. Improved adhesion can also be seen on many other types of lithographic stocks vs. LPV-9323.

LA-451 is a water-based coating which can be used as a primer or topcoat for metallized surfaces, wet laminating adhesive for foil to board and papers or a heat sealable adhesive for foil to papers and board. FP-5051 is a water-based film primer formulated for use on BOPP and polystyrene films. FP-12211 is a water based primer specifically formulated for use on polyurethane coated Tyvek to provide film tearing bonds. RS-11585 is a solvent based clear primer that provides:

  • Adhesion to difficult substrates
  • Print reception of inks
  • Higher color density
  • Flexibility

MP-742 is a metallizeable primer used to manufacture metallized papers and boards the packaging industry.

MRC-2882 is a water based metallizeable release coating formulated for use on PET that creates a smooth and glossy surface which is receptive to metal vapor deposition (metallization).

MRC-2882 can be subsequently coated with adhesives for transfer to other substrates.

PS-8002 is a water-based coating formulated to provide holdout, adhesion and stronger ink colors when printed on porous paper and board substrates. Some customers may find PS-8003 more receptive to UV inks and coatings vs. the PS-8002.

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